Vishnu Waman Thakur Charitable Trust's

Bhaskar Waman Thakur College of Science,
Yashvant Keshav Patil College of Commerce,
Vidhya Dayanand Patil College of Arts,
VIVA College


Bachelor of Hotel & Tourism Management Studies

  • Minimum 45% for GENERAL Category & Minimum 40% for RESERVED Category in H.S.C. (Arts / Commerce / Science) or its equivalent in aggregate. B.SC.(H.S) is a three year full time Degree Affi liated to University of Mumbai.
  • Internal Assessment :- min 10 out 25
  • Theory Paper :- min 30 out of 75
  • Total marks : min 40 out of 100
Semester Subject Code Subject Name
Semester I USHO101 Food Production & Patisserie I
USHO102 Food & Beverage Service I
USHO103 Front Offi ce I
USHO104 Housekeeping I
USHO105 Rooms Division Management (Practical) - I
USHO106 Communication Skills I (English & French)
USHO107 Information Technology
USHO108 Food Safety & Nutrition
Semester II USHO201 Food Production & Patisserie II
USHO202 Food & Beverage Service II
USHO203 Front Offi ce II
USHO204 Housekeeping II
USHO205 Rooms Division Management (Practical) - II
USHO206 Communication Skills II (English & French)
USHO207 Principles of Hotel Accountancy
USHO208 Principles of Management
Semester III & Semester IV USHO301 Food Production & Patisserie III
USHO302 Food & Beverage Service III
USHO303 Front Offi ce III
USHO304 Housekeeping III
USHO305 Rooms Division Management (Practical) - III
USHO306 Hotel Accountancy & Cost Control
USHO307 Hospitality Law & Human Resource Management
USHO308 Management Information System in Hospitality Industry
Semester V USHO501 Food Production & Patisserie
USHO502 Food & Beverage Operations Management
USHO503 Front Office
USHO504 Housekeeping
USHO505 Rooms Division Management (Practical)
USHO506 Corporate English
USHO507 Environmental & Sustainable Tourism
Semester VI USHO601 Organizational Behavior
USHO602 Strategic Management
USHO603 Event Planning, Marketing & Management
USHO604 Core Elective (Any Two)
USHO614 Advanced Food Production
USHO624 Advanced Food & Beverage Operations Management
USHO634 Advanced Housekeeping
USHO644 Advanced Front Offi ce Confectionery
USHO605 Allied Elective (Any One)
USHO615 Revenue Management
USHO625 Foreign Language (French)
USHO635 Services Marketing
USHO645 Financial Management
USHO655 Strategic Human Resource Management