Vishnu Waman Thakur Charitable Trust's

Bhaskar Waman Thakur College of Science,
Yashvant Keshav Patil College of Commerce,
Vidhya Dayanand Patil College of Arts,
VIVA College



Name of Department
  • BMS
Year of Establishment
  • 2001
Credit based Semester and Grading System.
a) In the courses offered by other departments: No. of Staff: 9, Departments: BMM, M.Com, MA (Eco), Arts.
b) Other institutions: VIVA(IMR), DE&T : No of Staff :4
Sanctioned Filled
Professors -- --
Associate professors -- --
Asst. professors -- 13
Name Qualification Designation Specialization Years of Exp.
Mr Nitin Kulkarni B.E., MMS Asst Prof (Incharge) SMarketing 12
Mrs. Padma Chari M.F.C, M.Phil Asst. Professor Finance 6
Mrs Ami Kamdar B Com, M.Com Asst. Professor Finance 7
Mr. Manoj Kurup B.Com, MBE Asst. Professor Economics 4
Mr. Anand Rajawat B. Sc., MMS Asst. Professor Marketing 4
Ms. Rachana Singh B.Com, B. Ed., MBA Asst. Professor Retail 4
Mr Rahul Tripathi BB.Sc, MCA Asst. Professor I.T 5
Mrs. Amruta Ghorpade BMS, PG Asst. Professor HR 4
Mrs. Swati Sonagra B.Com, MBA Asst. Professor Marketing 4
Mrs. Kadambari Agaskar BMS, MMS Asst. Professor Finance 2
Ms. Deepika Chavan B.Com, MBA Asst. Professor HR 3
Ms. Glorita Pereira BA (ECO), MA (ECO) Asst. Professor HR 1
Ms. Swati Patil BMS, MBA (MKTG) Asst. Professor HR 1
Mr. Gomez Donnel, [M.A (Eng),M.A(Polit),M.A(Jour), P.G.D.H.R.M,P.G Co-op Mgt, PG Commu,D.H.E, M Phil (Eng)]
Theory – 1:60, Practical- 1:40.
Qualifications No. of Staff
Ph.D. --
M.Phil 1
P.G. 12

a. Publication per faculty

Number of papers published in peer reviewed journals (national/ international) by faculty and students: 08

Prof. Arti Sharma
-1. Number of publications listed in International Database (for e.g Web of Science, Scopus, Humanities International Complete, Dare Database- International Social Sciences Directory, EBSCO host, etc.) : Learning for Corporate Honchos- Usha Pravin Gandhi College 21st Feb 2013 ISBN No. 13:978-93-5110-046-1.
2. Emergence of Young Innovative Entrepreneur (Mumbai University & Amlani College) 6th April 2013.ISBN No. 978-93-83072-08-8
3.Entrepreneurs: From Corporate to conglomerate (Thakur College Seminar) 24th 25th Sept. 2013. ISBN-No. 978-81-922978-5-9
4. “Think outside the box” ways to enhance creativity.18th Sept.2013 ISBN No. 789382880660
Prof. Rachana Singh
Paper Presentations & Publications:
1. Thakur College of Science and Commerce (Mumbai) National Conference on “The Catalytic Role of the Youth as Key Drivers in Global Development” (24th -25th Sept. 2013) ISBN No. 978-81-922978-5-9
2. Sydenham College of Commerce &Economics. (Mumbai) National Conference on “Emerging Trends in Commerce & Management”. (18th -19th Oct.. 2013) ISBN No. 918-93-82880-66-0
Prof. Padma Chari
Paper Presentations & Publications:
1. Thakur College Seminar Title “The Youth as a key Driver in Global Development” on Sept 24th 25th, 2014 ISBN No. 978-81-922978-5-9
2. Rustomjee Business Management “Emerging Trends in Management” 14th Dec. 2013 ISSN No. 2320-3366
o Monographs: Nil
o Chapter in books : Nil
o Books edited : Nil

Books with ISBN/ ISSN numbers with details of publishers:?
Prof. Nitin Kulkarni
1. Operations Research (TYBMS) 4th Revised Edition Vipul Prakashan, Mumbai ISBN: 978-93-82612-91-9
2. Logistics & Supply Chain Management (TYBMS) 2nd Revised Edition Vipul Prakashan, Mumbai ISBN: 978-93-82612-45-2
3. Quantitative Methods for Business-II (SYBAF) 1st Edition Vipul Prakashan, Mumbai ISBN: 978-93-82791-88-1
Prof. Arti Sharma
1. Foundations of Human Skills (FYBMS- SEM 1) Himalaya Publication, ISBN No. 978-93-5142-805-3
 Citation index : Nil
 SNIP : Nil
 SJR: Nil
 Impact factor : Nil
 H-index: Nil

a) Percentage of students who have done in-house projects including interdepartmental/ programme-wise:

SR.NO PROGRAMME 2014-15 2013-14 2012-13 2011-12
3 TYBMS 100% 100% 100% 100%
b)Percentage of students placed for projects in organizations outside the institution i.e. in Research laboratories/ Industry / other agencies:Nil
Arti Sharma SavitribaiBest Research paper in an International Conference in Thakur College.
Name of the course/ programme Applications received Selected Enrolled M/F Pass percentage
-- -- -- -- --
*M= male *F=Female
Name of the course % of students from Same State % of students from other State % of students from abroad
BMS 98 2 --
Student progression 2014-15 2013-14 2012-13 2011-12
UG to PG 15% 10% 10%
PG to M. Phil. -- --
PG to Ph.D. -- -- -- --
PG to Ph.D. --
Ph.D. to Post-Doctoral -- -- -- --
Campus selection
Other than campus recruitment
Entrepreneurship/ Self-Employment -- -- -- --
a)Library: Available (No Of books)- Ref:556,Text:813.
b)Internet facilities for staff & students: Available
c)Class rooms with ICT facility: Available
Laboratories: Computer Lab
2011-12 2012-13 2013-14
20 students 23 students 14 students
1. Conducted by: Geebee Education (Feb. 2013)
Topic: Counseling for Abroad studies
Speaker: Mr. Kapil
2.Conducted by: Indian Management Entrance (Aug. 2013)
Topic: Overview of different management entrance exam
Speaker: Mr. Nikunj Doshi
3. Organizer: Mr. Milind Vartak
Topic: How to develop your Potential
Speaker: Mr. Milind Vartak.
4. Conducted by: Craft Education (Feb. 2013)
Topic: Study Abroad
Speaker: Mr. Manmohan Kohli
5. Conducted by: Mr. Amit Dubey. (10th July 2014)
Topic: Effective presentation & Interview session
Speaker: Mr. Amit Dubey
6. Conducted by: Ra Meira India conducted (4th July 2013)
Topic: Lecture on Vocabulary keynote
Speaker: Mrs. Madhavi Mauskar & Mr. Ramdas.
Chalk and Talk
Guest lectures
Subject Experts
Study tours
Audio-Visual lectures
Group discussion
Role Plays
Remedial Lectures
The department always encourages students to actively participate in ISR activities conducted by college (NSS, NCC etc.) such as Blood Donation Camps, Road Safety Drive, Tree plantation program etc.

Availability & use of teaching aids. :

a. Almost all the teachers are MBAs with a strong theoretical knowledge which they effectively impart to students.
b. Most of the teachers have industrial experience, which helps in augmenting quality of teaching and add a practical dimension to it.
c. Guest Lectures and Seminars are conducted for enhancing knowledge of students and to add a practical dimension to learning.
d. Off-Campus Consultations are encouraged in areas such as “Study Abroad”.
e. Employment opportunities are made available through Internships, Job Interviews & Placements are arranged.
f. A comprehensive and regularly updated library.

a. Some of the teachers are yet to publish any research work and books.

a. The growth of internet which is creating opportunities for parallel and value adding 223 learning programs. Students can be motivated to enroll for such programs for value addition and knowledge enhancement.
b. As industrial growth in Palghar Distict and surrounding areas (both, in manufacturing and service sectors) picks up, more placement opportunities would be available for students.
c. The College has a tie up with Microsoft Inc. under which the college campus is qualified as “Ed-Vantage Platinum Campus”. The students can enroll for various Microsoft certified courses at a discounted fee, which will help them in skill development and increase their employability.

a. Most of the students come from semi urban and rural background. Hence, their personality development is a challenge for teachers.
b. Many students come from vernacular medium, with a weakness in English. To impart management & technical education to such students is a challenging task.

Future plan:
a. Continuous improvement of academic standards of the department
b. To encourage and promote research activities by teachers as well as students
c. To start a quarterly newsletter of the department.
d. To start a department annual event comprising of stock investment and business plan presentation competition
e. To increase collaboration with other departments of the college and to promote interdepartmental activities
f. To increase industry interaction and to increase number of internships and placements
Batch 2014-2015
Rank Name of the Student Percentage
2nd MAMTA VAISHY 75.21%
3rd SOUMYA MOOLYA 74.07%

Batch 2013-2014
Rank Name of the Student Percentage
1st RASHMI SINGH 85.28%
2nd AKSHATA KAMAT 80.28%
3rd ROHIT SINGH 79.14%

Batch 2012-2013
Rank Name of the Student Percentage

Batch 2011-2012
Rank Name of the Student Percentage
2nd SANJAY SHARMA 74.16%

Extracurricular activities:

BMS students regularly participate in cultural activities and sports organized in-house in Viva College as well as in other colleges.

One Day Workshop on “Revised Syllabus and Question Paper Pattern” for FYBMS Organized by Nirmala Memorial Foundation College of Commerce and Science on 11th July, 2014

One Day Workshop on “Restructuring B.M.S Curriculum – S.Y.B.M.S & T.Y.B.M.S.” Organized by Thakur College of Science & Commerce on 13th October, 2014

One Day Workshop on “Specialization inclusion in B.M.S Curriculum S.Y.B.M.S &T.Y.B.M.S.” Organized by Thakur College of Science & Commerce on 16th December, 2014

One Day Workshop on “Revised Curriculum of S.Y.B.M.S.” Organized by B. K. Shroff College of Arts & M.H. Shroff College of Commerce on 09th June, 2015

Seminars Attended by Teachers & Students:

  1. A} ‘Management Movie Festival’: Organized by Aditya Institute of Management Studies, Borivali in August 2013. 25 students accompanied by 2 teachers attended the festival, which was conducted over 2 days and 13 movies related with Management were showed in all.

    B} ‘Kiran’: Organized by Nagindas Khandwala College, Borivali in July 2013. 36 students attended the annual motivational and inspirational seminar.

  2. 'One day workshop on Revised Paper pattern for TYBMS’ Organized by Thakur College, Kandivali in August 2013.
  3. Workshop on ‘Revised Question Paper Pattern for TYBMS)’ Organized by N. M. College, Vile Parle in August 2013.

Workshops / Seminars in Viva College:

  1. Organizer: Geebee Education

    Topic: Counseling for Abroad studies

    Speaker: Mr. Kapil

  2. Organizer: Indian Management Entrance

    Topic: Overview of different management entrance exam

    Speaker: Mr. Nikunj Doshi

  3. Organizer: Mr. Milind Vartak

    Topic: How to develop your Potential

    Speaker: Mr. Milind Vartak.

  4. Organizer: Craft Education

    Topic: Study Abroad

    Speaker: Mr. Manmohan Kohli

  5. Organizer: Mr. Amit Dubey.

    Topic: Effective presentation & Interview session

    Speaker: Mr. Amit Dubey

  6. Organizer: Ra Meira India conducted

    Topic: Lecture on Vocabulary keynote

    Speaker: Mrs. Madhavi Mauskar & Mr. Ramdas

Batch 2010-2011
Sr.No. Name Company Designation
1 Kunal Bari Wallem Ship Management Pvt.Ltd. Marine Personnel Officer
2 Yogita Khambata Vijaya Bank Cashier
3 Ashish Iyer ING Vyasa Bank Customer Care Manager
4 Viraj Kini Bombay Rayon Fashion Ltd. Asst. Accountant
5 Satish Chavan Hyundai Operation Manager
Batch 2011-2012
Sr.No. Name Company Designation
1 Prashant Singh Yes Bank Ltd Customer Relation Officer
2 Jitendra Pal Infosys Ltd Customer Relation Officer
3 Kalpana Bagad Shine Ltd Marketing Manager
4 Chandrabahadur S. Thakur Vidya Mandir Lecturer & Supervisor
Batch 2011-2012
Sr.No. Name Company Designation
1 Nitesh Dhakre Angel Broking Pvt. Ltd Relationship Manager
2 Ghanshyam Gupta HDFC Ltd Relationship Manager
3 Appimani Anand HDFC Security Relationship Manager
4 Nikunj Gajera EXIM Ltd Export Import Executive
5 Sonali Debnath ICICI Bank Back Office Staff